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Sternocostal joint Articulatio sternocostalis

The sternocostal joint is the articulation between a costal cartilage of a true rib and the lateral sternal border. There are 7 sternocostal joints on each side, as the sternum articulates with the first 7 ribs (true ribs). The first sternocostal joint is a synarthrosis that allows no movement. The second to seventh sternocostal joints are synovial joints, which allow for slight gliding movements. The second to seventh sternocostal joints are surrounded by fibrous capsules and these joints are held together by sternocostal ligaments. Intra-articular ligaments are present between the second costal cartilages and sternum and costoxiphoid ligaments are present in the seventh sternocostal joints to connect the costal cartilages to the xiphoid process.

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