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Head of talus Caput tali

The head of the talus is the most distal of the three main parts of the talus bone. The other two parts are the neck and the body. The head has a convex, ovoid distal surface and articulates with the proximal navicular surface anteriorly. The plantar surface of the head contains three articular areas separated by smooth ridges: the middle articular calcaneal surface, the anterior articular calcaneal surface and the articular area for the plantar calcaneonavicular ligament. The most posterior of these is the middle calcaneal articular surface, which is oval and convex, and sits on the sustentaculum tali of the calcaneus. Anterolateral to this is the anterior calcaneal articular surface, which is flat and rests on the anteromedial aspect of the dorsal calcaneal surface. The third articular area is covered in articular cartilage and is for the plantar calcaneonavicular ligament.

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