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Superior nasal concha Concha nasalis superior

The nasal cavity is an important part of the human body not only because it is through the nasal cavity that we breath in air in order to obtain the oxygen our bodies require for the proper functioning of our tissues, but also because it is here that one of the five senses is governed - the sense of smell.

The structure of the nasal cavity is intricate, with bony projections, recesses, sinuses and cartilaginous plates etc, that are adapted to its specific functions. The nasal conchae are cascading bony protrusions or bony shelves of the lateral walls of the nasal cavity. There are three nasal conchae on each side of the nasal cavity, namely the superior nasal concha, the middle nasal concha and the inferior nasal concha.

The superior nasal concha is the smallest and most superiorly situated of the three nasal conchae of the nasal cavity. It is located superior to the superior nasal meatus and inferior to the sphenoethmoidal recess which it drains. It also drains the sphenoidal sinus. The superior nasal concha arises from the perpendicular of the ethmoid bone.

The main function of the nasal conchae is to drain certain regions and structures in the nasal cavity and they are covered by respiratory epithelium of the nasal cavity. In addition, the nasal conchae also play a role in the humidifying of inspired air and clearing it of micro particles.

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