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Sternal manubrium Manubrium sterni

English synonyms: Manubrium

The manubrium is one of the three regions of the sternum, the other two being the body and the xiphoid process. It is the most superior of these regions. The manubrium is level with the third and fourth thoracic vertebra (T3-4) and is broad and thick superiorly but narrows at the junction with the body of the sternum. It contains two smooth surfaces: an anterior surface and a posterior surface. The anterior surface is vertically concave and transversely convex whereas the posterior surface is concave. At the superior end of the manubrium there is a depression called the suprasternal or jugular notch. On either side of this notch, there is a depression known as the clavicular notch. The clavicular notch of the manubrium articulates with the sternal end of the clavicle and the superior surface of the costal cartilage to form the sternoclavicular joint. The manubrium also articulates with the body of the sternum at the manubriosternal joint or sternal angle.

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