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Mesosalpinx Mesosalpinx

The mesosalpinx (‘meso’ meaning intermediate in position, and ‘salpinx’ meaning tube) is the most superior of the three parts that form the broad ligament of the peritoneum (upper mesosalpinx, posterior mesovarium, and inferior mesometrium,). It is responsible for the suspension of the uterine tube into the pelvic cavity.
The broad ligament extends on each side, from the uterus to the lateral pelvic walls. It surrounds the uterine tube from its superior aspect, and suspends the ovary from its posterior. The mesosalpinx is attached from above to the uterine tube, and posteroinferiorly to the mesovarium (the posterior extension of the broad ligament that attaches to the ovary). Superior and laterally, it is attached to the ovary’s suspensory ligament. Medially however, it is attached to the ovarian ligament.
The fimbria of the tubal infundibulum, a fringe of tissue around the ostium of the fallopian tube, projects from its free lateral end. The masosalpinx contains vascular anastomoses with the uterine and ovarian vessels: the epoophoron, and the paroophoron, in between the ovary and the uterine tube. The mesovarium projects from the posterior aspect of the broad ligament. Its peritoneum becomes firmly attached to the hilum of the ovary and carries the vessels and nerves to it.

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