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Learning is hard. And yes we know: Learning anatomy is really hard. But who says it also has to be time consuming and boring? Stop spending endless hours reading an anatomy atlas or textbooks. We have engineered dozens of engaging exercises to make learning anatomy faster, easier and more fun. See how.

You'll love the training.

From the very first moment you will realize that our anatomy training is different. Skipping the boring learning part, we start immediately with exercises. By continuously stimulating your brain with tasks, the appearance, location and name of every anatomy structure automatically gets formed into your head. We only repeat what you've learned at the right time. Our exercises are optimized so your memory of anatomy always grows stronger, and stays in your brain longer.

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Validated premium content

Learning something that turns out to be wrong is a waste of time. That's why we make sure no mistakes sneak through. Our premium drawings are designed to provide you with the best learning experience. The illustrations you see get validated several times by experts. In addition we run user tests with medical students at the Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin.

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Personalized for you.

Our personal training fits exactly your requirements. So you don't spend time on anatomy structures you already know. Tracking your personal learning history makes sure the training fits perfectly and maximizes the effectiveness of your time. Based on your progress we can also give you better estimates on reaching your goal to become an anatomy expert.

Fun and easy to use

We designed Kenhub to be social and competitive like a game you can play with your friends. While having fun, sharing results with your friends and competing with them, you earn a deeper insight into the human body. You won't even recognize how much time you spent on learning anatomy.

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