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Try Kenhub out for 5 days. Completely Free.


Welcome on board. Kenhub was designed to help you learn anatomy & histology faster. That's why we want you to try out everything that we offer and see the benefits for yourself.

We're sure that you're going to love it. And we hope that you stay for longer than 5 days and become a Kenhub Premium subscriber.

Even if you don't become a subscriber. There's lots of free stuff for you to enjoy. During and after the trial.

How does the trial work?

During the first 5 days, you can try everything we offer on Kenhub completely free. You get unlimited access to all our videos, quizzes, atlas and articles. You can also access advanced quizzes, like question bank quizzes, muscle facts (covering origins, insertions, innervations and functions), your personal revision quiz and advanced custom quizzes.

What happens after the trial is over?

If you don't upgrade to Kenhub Premium after the 5 day trial period, your membership will automatically be set to the Basic account. The basic account is completely free, but provides only limited access to content.

What can I do with a Basic account?

The Basic account still allows you to access our atlas with over 10,000 images and our library with hundreds of articles, not to mention some free videos and quiz samples. All of these can help you enhance your anatomy skills. For unlimited access to all resources, you should upgrade to Kenhub Premium.

Would I be forced to pay?

Absolutely not. Only if you decide to keep your Premium access. We will never charge you without your full consent.

What are the benefits of Kenhub Premium?

Kenhub Premium offers unlimited access to amazing learning resources as well as the best learning support from our team of Anatomy geeks. But instead of us telling you about it, try it out for yourself. The 5 day trial gives you all the benefits of Kenhub Premium, for a short time. For free. Make the most of it and get started now!

Can I extend the trial for more than 5 days?

Unfortunately not. However, when you subscribe to Kenhub Premium, we offer you our 7-days money-back guarantee.

Any other questions? We're always here to help.