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Ventral trunk

Ventral trunk

The ventral trunk is a group structures, including bones and muscles, which define the chest and belly, known in technical terms as the thorax and and abdomen. More.
  1. Bones of the ventral trunk
    The most important bones and bony structures of the ventral trunk.
  2. Sternum
    Bony elements of the sternum
  3. Ribs
    Main features of the ribs
  4. Clavicle
    Structure of the clavicle seen from anterior, inferior and superior views.
  5. Muscles of the ventral trunk
    Overview of the muscles of the ventral trunk.
  6. Muscles of the ventral trunk II
    Origins, insertions, innervation and functions of the muscles of the thorax and abdomen.
  7. Neurovasculature of the ventral trunk
    Arteries, vein and nerves of the ventral trunk.
  8. Inguinal canal
    Structure of the inguinal canal and femoral sheath.
  9. Ventral trunk
    [100 questions] - Clinical anatomy, topography, functions and more details related to the structures found in the ventral trunk.
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