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Tibialis anterior muscle

Attachments, innervation and functions of the tibialis anterior muscle.

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Hey, everyone! It’s Matt from Kenhub. And in this tutorial, we will discuss the tibialis anterior muscle.

The tibialis anterior muscle is a lower leg muscle that lies anteriorly as the name suggests and is part of a group of extensor muscles.

This muscle runs mediocaudally from the lateral tibia… the interosseous membrane… and crural fascia.

At the height of the lower tibia, it merges into a tendon which is led by both extensor retinacula of the foot and finally inserts at the plantar side of the medial cuneiform… and the first metatarsal bone.

The tibialis anterior muscle serves as the leading muscle for the neurovascular pathway running towards the ankle, which includes the deep fibular nerve and the anterior tibial artery and vein.

The main task of the anterior muscles of the lower leg is the dorsal extension of the upper ankle joint.

Additionally, the tibialis anterior muscle causes a weak inversion, also known as supination.

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