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What if you could flick through the pages of an atlas and delve into fascinating anatomy articles... without ever needing to lay your hands on an expensive, back-breaking textbook? 

Just a fantasy? Not with Kenhub! Our online platform bursting with illustrations, articles, quizzes and videos is like a complete anatomy app available to use anytime and anywhere. 

Kenhub is better than an app

Have you been searching for the best free anatomy app? Stop right away! Kenhub is free, completely mobile optimized and ready to start using in seconds, without the annoying app installation process.

Pages automatically adjust to the size of your screen when you visit Kenhub from a smartphone or tablet, with no awkward side-ways scrolling or confusing navigation issues in sight. 

Content created and verified by experts

We know how important it is to be able to rely on the materials you learn with. That's why all content at Kenhub is created and verified by dedicated anatomy experts. 

And that’s why 1 million+ medical and healthcare students across the globe choose to study with Kenhub for a complete anatomy app-like experience.

An interactive world of human anatomy awaits

Ready to get started? Simply select the topic you want to learn about, then get browsing through a huge library of articles, videos, quizzes and atlas illustrations.

Whether for study, training or refresher courses, Kenhub is an essential anatomy app alternative allowing you to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of anatomy and learn the structures of the body from head to toe.

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Over 4,855,301 medical students and professionals all over the world have used Kenhub to learn anatomy.

“I have passed my anatomy examination thanks largely to your website. You helped me to conquer what seemed like such an impossible task.”
Kiron K.
Medical student
“The Kenhub modules are very effective - my students perform very well on assessments in response to using them. I essentially have replaced an old outdated textbook with this contemporary learning resource. I couldn’t say enough good things.”
Mike Pascoe
Anatomy professor
“The videos are detailed and clear and they discuss everything I need to know. I know I can log into Kenhub, watch a video in about 30 mins and be done with that material.”
Kim Bengochea
Physiotherapy student