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We are hiring!

At Kenhub we believe in recruiting the best talents from around the world, which is why we are such fans of our remote work culture. We enjoy the perks of working from wherever we are and the flexible hours. In saying that, we never lose sight in keeping our work quality high to build and grow our learning platform. We are a diverse, passion-driven, hard-working bunch and we are looking to expand our family! Check out below to see how you can become a part of our team.

French content translator and editor

You are a francophone healthcare student who has passed anatomy, histology and physiology, or an already experienced healthcare professional. You speak French at a native level.

Join our international team and help us make Kenhub accessible to French-speaking audience across the globe!

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Medical illustrator

You are an experienced Medical Illustrator skilled in Photoshop and/or Illustrator. You have a basic knowledge of anatomy and/or histology.

Are you a talented and reliable medical illustrator experienced in producing anatomy illustrations? Then join us in creating beautiful Kenhub anatomy and histology illustrations that reach millions of people worldwide!

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Video Tutor - Production & Voice Acting

You’re a whizz at video production. Your voice is engaging. You have a Mac. You know Basic Anatomy and/or Histology.

Join us in producing our Kenhub video tutorials. You would be the enthusiastic voice behind our videos making the tutorials fun and engaging. Your skills would produce high quality videography for our students. Your passion for anatomy and histology education now has the chance to come alive!

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Image Processing

You have Photoshop and Enjoy Working with it. You know Basic Anatomy and/or Histology.

Join us in processing our beautiful Kenhub anatomy illustrations and histology slides. Highlighting specific structures and adding final touches to the images before they are added to our atlas, articles and quizzes.

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Medical Content Writer

You’re a superstar at making concepts simple. You know Anatomy and/or Histology. You Love to Write.

Can you explain complex topics simply? Can you engage your readers to create a clear and effective learning experience? Join our medical writing team and help us reach millions of students worldwide.

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