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Free anatomy quizzes and guides: Learn anatomy faster!

Here at Kenhub, we’re big advocates of using anatomy quizzes to learn about the structures of the human body. Quizzes are a great tool to add into your anatomy learning practice as they can be used to teach you a topic from scratch, or at the more advanced levels, help you to revise and refine what you already know. 

That’s why we offer hundreds of anatomy practice quizzes on everything from the muscles of the upper and lower limb, to the parts of the brain, to the structure of the heart. You can bet that if there’s a structure you need to learn about, we likely have a quiz for it! So, are you ready to see how you can use quizzes to learn anatomy? 

One of the interactive quizzes from Kenhub in action

Learning anatomy with quizzes

For beginners to the subject of human anatomy, the thought of having to learn hundreds of new structures can feel very overwhelming. Luckily, there are ways to make it easier. A great way to get familiar with the structures found within a particular region is to start by labeling human anatomy diagrams. You can then begin to test and build upon your knowledge with anatomy quizzes. At Kenhub, we offer:

  • Basic Structure Identification quizzes
  • Advanced Structure Identification quizzes
  • Clinical Question Bank quizzes
  • Muscle Attachments, Innervations and Functions quizzes
  • Intelligent Mix quizzes (a combination of the above based on your unique learning history)

Free flashcard eBook

Flashcards are another great way to test your knowledge quickly, efficiently, and without the need for an internet connection. They work on the principle of active recall, whereby you strain your brain to remember a piece of information just as you’re about to forget it. Over time, this process solidifies the information you’re learning about in your long term memory stores. 

For the times when you don’t have an internet connection to access the library of quizzes at Kenhub, they’re a brilliant way to keep up your anatomy quizzing ventures wherever you are.

Have we peaked your interest? If so, you’re in luck. We’re giving away our popular flashcard ebook on the muscles of the arm and shoulder completely for FREE. Just click the button below to download your copy. 

Cover of the flashcard ebook we are giving away for free as a PDF download

Free PDF download

If you would like to continue learning with flashcards, check out our full library of anatomy flashcard eBooks on every topic.  

Free anatomy quizzes and guides

Follow the links in our free anatomy quiz guides below to find out how you can use human anatomy diagrams, quizzes and flashcards to rock your anatomy studies on every topic. Let’s dive in!


Body regions

Body regions provide a useful way of compartmentalizing the body to structure your learning. They are also a useful tool for communication in the healthcare setting. Don’t start learning this topic before reading our free anatomy quiz guide below.

Bone anatomy

Bones comprise the structural framework of the body. There are 206 of them in total - but how many of them can you name? Is your knowledge up to scratch? Have a read through our free anatomy quiz guide on the bones of the body to see for yourself. 

Endocrine system anatomy

The endocrine system is a complex machine tasked primarily with the synthesis and release of hormones. Click below to use our quizzes and labeled diagrams to learn more about the organs involved in all of the hard work.

Integumentary system anatomy

There's a lot more to the structures of the integumentary system than the skin alone. How many can you name? In our free anatomy quiz guide, we walk you through our top tips for learning the collective anatomy of this fascinating system. 

Medical terminology

A solid knowledge of basic medical terminology will serve you well in a professional healthcare environment. In fact, it’s an essential everyday communication tool! Perfect your knowledge with our free anatomy quiz guide below.

Muscle anatomy

There are three types of muscles in the body - skeletal, cardiac and smooth. Are you confident in your ability to distinguish their functions and appearance from the other? There’s only one way to find out, and that’s by testing yourself! Have a look at our guide to learning muscle anatomy with quizzes below. You can also check out our muscle anatomy charts - the fool-proof way to learn about muscles, their origins, insertions, and innervations.  

Head and neck

Skull anatomy

Want to learn about the tight-knit collection of bones that protect the fragile brain? Yes, we're talking about the skull! Check out our free quiz guide on all thigns skull anatomy to start learning. 

Eye anatomy

Do you want to understand how vision works? Then you’ll need to understand the anatomical structures that enable it. Discover all there is to know about eye anatomy with our detailed guide on learning the anatomy of the eye with quizzes.


Heart anatomy

We might not notice it much, but the heart is kept busy every second of the day in its quest to keep us alive. Can you name its ventricles, atria, and valves? Our free anatomy quiz guide on all things heart anatomy will help you to perfect your knowledge in no time.

Respiratory system anatomy

The respiratory system is responsible for allowing us to breathe in oxygen and expel carbon dioxide. There are numerous anatomical structures involved with every inhale and exhale - how well do you know them? Click below to discover our free anatomy quiz guide for the respiratory system.

Abdomen and pelvis

Digestive system anatomy

The digestive system is one of the most important systems in the body. In fact, it’s so important that it even houses our second brain, known as the enteric nervous system! Don’t start learning about the digestive system without checking out our free anatomy quiz guide. 

Urinary system anatomy

The urinary system controls several important bodily processes like excretion of waste products and blood pressure management. Could you do with some revision on the anatomical structures that make it all possible? Check out our free anatomy quiz guide below. 



The brain is the master surveyor of the body. There’s a lot going on in there, fuelled by hundreds of different anatomical structures working together as a team. Would you be able to distinguish one lobe of the brain from another, one cranial nerve from the next? If your brain anatomy knowledge could use a little polishing, take a look at our comprehensive guide to learning with quizzes. 

Cranial nerves

The cranial nerves are a topic dreaded by students everywhere. But it doesn't have to be that way! Our basic and advanced identification quizzes will help you to hone your identification skills, while our clinical question banks will help you to improve your knowledge of the more advanced aspects of this topic. Click the link below to check out our available quizzes.

Nervous system

The nervous system is a highly complex arrangement of structures with a myriad of interesting functions. Learning about this system with quizzes is a great way to break down all of the difficult concepts, one by one. Have a look at our guide below to get started.

Circle of Willis

The circle of Willis is a complex topic. That's why we've created free labeling worksheets and quizzes for you to easily learn this topic from scratch. Just click below to start using them right away.


Types of blood cells

Many students dread the thought of learning histology. At first glance, each slide looks identical to the next. But look closer, and you’ll be able to identify all of their subtle, individual characteristics. The best way to train your brain? Quizzes based on the principle of active recall. Check out the free guide to learning histology with quizzes below. 

Tissue types

Learn how to differentiate between the 4 main types of tissue with our free quiz guide, which includes free worksheets you can download.

Epithelial tissue

Epithelial tissue is only one of the four main types of tissue in the human body. In our free anatomy quiz guide below, we help you identify the main types and subtypes using labelling exercises and quizzes. 

Medical imaging


Medical imaging may seem like a scary foray away from your gross anatomy studies, but with a bit of practice you'll realise it's easier than you think. Learn how to identify anatomical structures on an MRI with our free quiz worksheets and spaced repetition quizzes. 

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