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Building strong relationships with institutions, businesses and medical experts is important to us at Kenhub. Through these partnerships, we are able to develop invaluable insights and widen our network to build a better product. Our advisory team includes medical education enthusiasts, e-learning specialists and forward-thinking entrepreneurs.

Yoav Aner
Co-founder & Former CTO
Yoav is a seasoned technologist with an MSc in Information Security and a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. He co-founded Kenhub, co-created its platform and served as its CTO from 2012 to 2023. A firm believer in open-source collaboration, Yoav has created and contributed to numerous open-source projects and is deeply interested in privacy, technology and conversion optimization.
Dr. Georgios Kapsas
Dr. Kapsas is a board certified Neuroradiologist and holds a Master of Science in Medical Informatics and Image Processing. His main interest is advanced MR imaging, which enables us to depict the human body in greater detail. He is excited to be collaborating with the dynamic team of Kenhub as they expand to cross-sectional anatomical images.
Dr. Arndt Schwaiger
Business strategy mentor
Dr. Schwaiger studied artificial intelligence at the German Research Center for AI (DFKI GmbH) and since has been a founder of several start-ups. He is currently on the advisory board of various innovative start-ups including Kenhub. Arndt supports Kenhub with his startup know-how, network contacts and expertise in gamification and user modelling.
Roland Fassauer
Business advisor
A serial entrepreneur, Roland has co-founded multiple successful startups such as Intershop Communications, Mobizcorp Europe, Andasa and Pixaco, which was sold to HP in 2005 and now is part of Snapfish. Roland is currently the Managing Director and Member of Board of Institute for Applied Information Science at University of Leipzig. With international experience from US and Germany, he advises companies where he sees great potential, including Kenhub!