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Goodbye anatomy class timetable, hello flexible learning

What if you could take an anatomy course whenever and wherever you want - no timetables, no travel time and no stuffy classrooms? 

At Kenhub, it’s possible. Using a clever combination of anatomy atlas, in-depth articles, video tutorials and interactive quizzes, we provide hundreds of free online anatomy classes to teach you the basic right up to the advanced details of a topic.

Fast, free, effective and location independent learning - what’s not to love?

Your own, personalized anatomy course

So how does it work? Simply choose what you’d like to study and discover all of the articles, videos, quizzes and atlas illustrations available for that topic. We know that not everybody likes to learn in the same way, so you can personalize your anatomy course by mixing and matching different media types.

With hundreds of expert produced study tools, we guarantee that you’ll learn anatomy faster and more effectively than with textbooks.

Take online anatomy classes taught by experts

Why have students from world-class universities like Harvard and Oxford chosen to use the anatomy courses from Kenhub? 

Because when you’re short on time, you need smart, trustworthy study tools created, vetted and taught by accredited anatomy experts. That’s what we provide.

Hundreds of anatomy and histology topics at your fingertips

No need to go to the lab; at Kenhub, you’ll be able to visualize the human anatomy with thousands of clear, beautifully highlighted and labeled illustrations. 

Whatever your current level, we’ll help you to understand a huge range of anatomy and physiology topics like cranial nerves, neurotransmitters and skull bones with friendly, encouraging video tutorials, interactive quizzes and articles.

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Why do students and professors love our anatomy classes?

Over 4,967,455 medical students and professionals all over the world have used Kenhub to learn anatomy.

“I have passed my anatomy examination thanks largely to your website. You helped me to conquer what seemed like such an impossible task.”
Kiron K.
Medical student
“The Kenhub modules are very effective - my students perform very well on assessments in response to using them. I essentially have replaced an old outdated textbook with this contemporary learning resource. I couldn’t say enough good things.”
Mike Pascoe
Anatomy professor
“Kenhub is well worth it. I can pause the videos, take notes, doodle, and learn it all just like someone is explaining it to me, as a tutor.”
Kim Bengochea
Physiotherapy student