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Find out why games are the most effective way to learn anatomy.

Online anatomy games for fast learning

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Learning anatomy with games? Fun AND effective

Wondering whether it’s really possible to learn anatomy with games? At Kenhub, our games are in fact quizzes backed by a scientific learning principle called spaced repetition. They test you with fun, interactive anatomy questions in several different formats.

Based on your answers, these quizzes quickly learn where your weak spots lie and give you more questions accordingly. The constant feedback feels just like a game, where you’re always striving to win more points. Except you’ll be learning at the same time!

Game your way to exam success

Whoever said studying anatomy is boring was wrong! With so many different types of anatomy games at Kenhub, boredom isn’t in our vocabulary. 

Need to sharpen your structure identification skills? Try our basic and advanced anatomy matching games. Got an exam coming up? Bridge the gap between human anatomy and clinical practice with exam-style question banks. Or try our specialized muscle anatomy games to test your skills labeling attachments, innervations and functions.

Created and vetted by anatomy experts

We’ve spent years perfecting our quizzes to make them the most effective and efficient anatomy online learning game tool on the market. Every question is written and verified by experts, so you know you’re learning from the best. Over 1,000,000 students have used them to ace their exams - now it’s your turn!

Interactive games for over 5,000 anatomy structures

What could be better than having fun and rapidly advancing your knowledge at the same time? The truth is, if your study materials make you miserable, they’re simply not the most effective way to learn. 

Our interactive anatomy study games are the antidote to your boring textbooks. From the bones, to the heart, to the brain, at Kenhub you can learn the anatomy of over 5,000 structures quickly and effectively. When you’re enjoying yourself, you’ll be amazed by how quickly you can pick up knowledge.

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Students love our anatomy game-style quizzes…

Over 4,682,122 medical students and professionals all over the world have used Kenhub to learn anatomy.

“If I had to select one study tool it would be the Kenhub quizzes. My class just ended, and I got a 4.0!”
Erin Kirby
Nursing student
“What really solidified my knowledge was finding out where the holes and gaps in my knowledge were by using the Kenhub quizzes.”
Kiron Kabir
Medical student
“The quizzes are a great way to efficiently use time that you have available to study.”
Alexandra Orfanides
Osteopathy student