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Reference images for drawing the head-to-toe anatomy.

A complete human anatomy reference

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Your foolproof guide to every inch of the human anatomy

Need a human anatomy reference you can trust to guide you through your study of the human form? With thousands of beautiful, clearly illustrated images, our anatomy atlas provides a reference for every inch of the body. 

One of the best ways to consolidate your knowledge of different structures is to draw them. From male anatomy to female anatomy and every structure in between, you can trust Kenhub to provide the most accurate and beautifully clear drawing reference images.

Clear, accurate images to master drawing the human body

Each and every image is beautifully colored, highlighted and labeled so you’ll always be able to clearly decipher each structure.  You’ll even be able to use our zoom tool to examine the fine details - and without compromising on definition.  

Forget wasting energy swapping between different anatomy references; at Kenhub, you’ll find a comprehensive selection of consistent, clear and intuitive images that make drawing anatomy a breeze. Best of all? They’re free!

Reliable resources, created and verified by experts

Why have over 1,000,000 students, professionals and artists used our atlas? Because our skilled medical illustrators have created some of the clearest, highest quality anatomy reference images you’ll find. With every last detail vetted by anatomy experts, you can be sure you’re learning with the best. 

A drawing reference to move you from confusion to clarity

With so much complexity to the human body, drawing anatomy isn’t always easy. That’s why you need an easy to understand reference point. By clearly elucidating the fine details of muscles, arteries, veins and strange-looking organs, our anatomy reference atlas provides exactly that.

Learn how to draw the intricate details of structures like the face, back and hand effortlessly and without confusion. No missing details, no confusing representations, just a foolproof resource.

Start learning anatomy in less than 60 seconds

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The go-to reference for anatomy learners worldwide

Over 4,682,211 medical students and professionals all over the world have used Kenhub to learn anatomy.

“The colour focus [specifically highlighted structures in the atlas] is what my memory retains and recalls which readily permits me to identify various body structures.”
Tracey McNamara
Health sciences student
“Looking at old images taken from Gray’s [anatomy textbook] was really overwhelming. I really appreciate the beautiful atlas that Kenhub produces, and how different structures are clearly highlighted in green.”
Alexandra Orfanides
Osteopathy student
“Kenhub is like a tutor for me. I can doodle and learn it all just like someone is explaining it to me, as a tutor.”
Kim Bengochea
Physiotherapy student