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Studying for USMLE Step 1?

The human body is a soft machine, each of its systems fulfilling a certain role for optimal performance. Here at Kenhub, we know anatomy is the foundation. With us, you will become an expert. Our learning exercises are proven to fast track your education and make you more prepared in less time.

Understand the body you live in

Step 1 of the USMLE requires an understanding of fundamental anatomy. Your musculoskeletal and nervous systems work as a team to co-ordinate movement, just as the urinary and gastrointestinal systems co-operate to sustain your metabolism. Passing the USMLE means you need to know the anatomical structures underpinning these functions.

Know what to learn next

Kenhub tracks your usage of the site, recommending areas that may be unfamiliar to you. Your performance in quizzes is recorded so that you can target specific areas to ensure a comprehensive understanding of anatomy - long term memory retention improves with continued recall.

Make your study time count

Our quizzes, videos, articles and illustrations cover all the major structures of the body that you need to know. Learn how to both identify and name anatomical elements, and use our QBank to test your clinical knowledge. Kenhub saves you time by tracking your progress and helping you to find your weak spots.

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“Your website helped me to conquer what seemed like such an impossible task.”
Kiron K.
Medical student
“The Kenhub modules are very effective - my students perform very well on assessments in response to using them. I essentially have replaced an old outdated textbook with this contemporary learning resource. I couldn’t say enough good things.”
Mike Pascoe
Anatomy professor
“After starting to use Kenhub I saw an increase in my student’s histology and anatomy scores. It is a great product and a very easy company to work with as an institution. The value of the product is phenomenal.”
Liz Smith-Trigg PhD
Assistant Dean, William Carey University