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Mastering anatomy begins with an exceptional atlas.

Free online atlas:
Anatomy of the human body

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Human anatomy simplified with stunning illustrations

An anatomy atlas should make your studies simpler, not more complicated. That’s why our free color HD atlas comes with thousands of stunning, clearly highlighted and labeled illustrations and diagrams of human anatomy. 

No missing information, no confusion, and no hidden costs; simply a learning resource you can trust to make your studies easier.

Start learning immediately with labeled, highlighted diagrams

Forget your highlighter pens; we’ve already done the work for you. Every single structure in our atlas is clearly highlighted and labeled so you can save your precious time for actually studying, without the frustrating prep work.

You can even zoom into structures, view them from multiple angles and perspectives (gross anatomy, histology and medical imaging) and listen to audio files of each structure being pronounced. Learning has never been so simple.

Crafted by medical illustrators, vetted by experts

Students from Harvard agree that our illustrations are a highly accurate, essential alternative to the traditional approach of learning in the lab. 

Crafted by experienced medical illustrators and reviewed by anatomy experts (yep - every last detail!), our beautiful illustrations will allow you to confidently demystify the topic of anatomy.

Mastering anatomy begins with an exceptional atlas

Have you heard the expression that an anatomy atlas is like a student’s bread and butter? It’s true! Mastering anatomy truly does begin with an exceptional atlas. It’s the reference point on which you base all of your learning, so it’s important to get the right one. 

From human body organ diagrams to skull bones and chambers of the heart; whatever you need to learn, use our intuitive atlas to effortlessly understand the topics you’ve always struggled with. Make sure you also check out our printed version.

Start learning anatomy in less than 60 seconds

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How does Kenhub compare to other anatomy atlases?

Over 4,893,450 medical students and professionals all over the world have used Kenhub to learn anatomy.

“The colour focus [specifically highlighted structures in the atlas] is what my memory retains and recalls which readily permits me to identify various body structures.”
Tracey McNamara
Health sciences student
“Looking at old images taken from Gray’s [anatomy textbook] was really overwhelming. I really appreciate the beautiful atlas that Kenhub produces, and how different structures are clearly highlighted in green.”
Alexandra Orfanides
Osteopathy student
“Kenhub is great value, easy to navigate and find what you want to study. I just didn't get that from the other textbooks and websites.”
Erin Kirby
Nursing student