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  1. The cardiovascular System

    The cardiovascular System

    In this chapter we will describe the microscopic appearance of the blood and the histological features of the cardiovascular system. More.
    1. Blood
      Microscopic appearance of the blood
    2. Bone marrow
      Histological features of the bone marrow
    3. Arteries and veins
      General histological features of arteries and veins
    4. The heart
      Detailed microscopic anatomy of heart
  2. The Integumentary System

    The Integumentary System

    In this chapter we will explore the histological features of the parts of the integumentary system. More.
    1. Skin
      General histology of the skin.
    2. Sweat glands
      Histological appearance of the sweat glands
    3. Peripheral mechanoreceptors
      Histology of the peripheral mechanoreceptors.
    4. Scalp and hair
      Histological features of the scalp and hair.
  3. The respiratory system

    The respiratory system

    Histological appearance of the organs of the respiratory system.
    1. Lung
      Histological appearance of normal lung tissue and its components.
    2. Trachea
      Appearance and features of trachea under microscope.
  4. The excretory system

    The excretory system

    Histological features of the excretory system
    1. Kidney
      A thorough look at the microscopic structure of kidney and its cell types.
    2. Ureters
      Microscopic anatomy of ureters.
    3. Urethra and bladder
      Microscopic Anatomy of both the urethra and the urinary bladder.
  5. The digestive system

    The digestive system

    Cells and tissues of the digestive system
    1. Tongue and epiglottis
      Histological properties of the tongue and the epiglottis.
    2. The esophagus
      Histological features of Esophagus.
    3. The stomach
      A thorough look at stomach under microscope.
    4. The duodenum
      Histological features of the duodenum.
    5. The jejunum
      General & distinctive histological features of the jejenum.
    6. The ileum
      A look at the distinguishing characteristics of the Ileum under microscope.
    7. The liver
      A thorough look at the body's largest compound gland under microscope.
    8. The gallbladder
      Histological features of the gallbladder.
  6. The male reproductive system

    The male reproductive system

    Histological features of the organs of the male reproductive system.
    1. Penis
      Microscopic anatomy in a cross-section through the human penis.
    2. Prostate
      A thorough look at the prostate under the microscope.
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