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Pelvis and perineum: want to learn more about it?

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Pelvis and perineum

Pelvic girdle and floor

The pelvic girdle connects the trunk and the lower limbs and provides support and stability to the human body.
  1. Pelvis
    Comprehensive overview of the bony pelvis.
  2. Muscles of the pelvic floor
    Overview of the muscles that form the pelvic floor.

Female pelvis and reproductive organs

The female pelvis is larger and wider than the male pelvis and houses the rectum, bladder and female reproductive organs.
  1. Superior view of the female pelvis
    Ligaments, vessels and organs as seen from a superior view.
  2. Female pelvic viscera
    Contents of the female pelvis.
  3. Uterus and ovaries
    Structure of the cervix, uterus, uterine tubes and ovaries.
  4. Uterus and vagina
    Structure of the uterus and vagina seen on an anterior coronal section.

Male pelvis and reproductive organs

The male pelvis is narrower and taller than the female and houses mainly the rectum, bladder and reproductive organs.
  1. Male pelvic viscera
    Contents of the male pelvis.
  2. Testis and epididymis
    Testes and epididymides are involved in the production and storage of sperm.
  3. Scrotum and spermatic cord
    Scrotum and spermatic cord, including the coverings and contents.

Urinary bladder and urethra

The urinary bladder is a hollow muscular organ responsible for collecting urine coming from the kidneys through the ureters and eliminating it via the urethra.
  1. Male urinary bladder
    Coronal section of the male bladder and urethra.
  2. Penis and male urethra
    Structure of the penis and urethra seen on a longitudinal section.
  3. Female urinary bladder
    Coronal section of the female bladder and urethra.


The perineum is the part of the pelvis below the pelvic diaphragm and it contains the external genitalia and anus.
  1. Structure of the penis
    Structure of the penis seen from an inferior view.
  2. Female perineum
    A surface view of the region between the pubic symphysis and the coccyx.
  3. Neurovasculature of the female perineum
    Arteries, veins and nerves of the female perineum.

Nerves, vessels and lymphatics of the pelvis.

The pelvis receives blood supply and innervation from an extended network of arteries and nerves respectively.
  1. Sacral plexus
    A complex nerve plexus which supplies the pelvis and lower limb.
  2. Nerves of the male pelvis
    Innervation of the male pelvis.
  3. Nerves of the female pelvis
    Innervation of the female pelvis.
  4. Blood supply of the male pelvis
    Arteries and veins of the male pelvis.
  5. Blood supply of the female pelvis
    Arteries and veins of the female pelvis.
  6. Lymphatics of the urinary organs
    Lymph nodes and vessels of the kidneys, bladder, ureters and urethra.
  7. Lymphatics of the male genitalia
    Lymph nodes and vessels of the male genitalia.

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