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Ligaments of the pelvis

Learning objectives

After completing this study unit you will be able to:

  1. Identify the main joints of the pelvis.
  2. List the main ligaments of the pelvis.


The robust structure of the pelvic girdle is held together by important mechanical stabilizers, the ligaments of the pelvis, which provide structural support and connection of various tissues in and around the pelvis.

Pelvic ligaments can be categorized according to their associated joints and are therefore divided into the ligaments of the: lumbosacral, sacroiliac, sacrococcygeal, and pubic symphyseal joints of the pelvis.

Take a closer look at the ligaments of the pelvis in the atlas below.

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Take a closer look and review each structure below.

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If you would like to broaden your knowledge and would like to be tested on the wider anatomy of the pelvis and perineum, you can customize your own quiz and explore topics such as the neurovascular supply of the female and male pelvis.


Key facts about the ligaments of the pelvis
Lumbosacral joint Iliolumbar ligament, lateral lumbosacral ligament
Sacroiliac joint Anterior sacroiliac ligament, interosseous sacroiliac ligament, posterior sacroiliac ligament
Sacrococcygeal joint Anterior sacrococcygeal ligament, superficial posterior sacrococcygeal ligament, deep posterior sacrococcygeal ligament, lateral sacrococcygeal ligament
Pubic symphysis Superior pubic ligament, anterior pubic ligament, inferior pubic ligament, posterior pubic ligament
Nonarticular ligaments Anterior longitudinal ligament, sacrospinous ligament, sacrotuberous ligament, iliopectineal arch, inguinal ligament
Function Mechanical stabilizers of the pelvic girdle

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