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Neck (CT)

Learning objectives

Completing this study unit will help you to:

  1. Learn the main anatomical structures of the neck.
  2. Understand the relation of these structures with each other.

Explore CT scan

The neck is a very important region of the human body, since it is consisted of a very small space that houses several vital structures such as large arteries, organs of the airway and gastrointestinal tract and many important glands.

Axial CT scans of the neck allow us to better understand the anatomical relations of these important structures and are helpful for the identification of multiple pathological processes that can occur in that region.

The images below will show you the main structures of the neck as seen from an imaging standpoint.

Now you can take your time to study each structure individually using our atlas gallery:

Take a quiz

Make sure you learned everything about the axial CT scan of the neck with the following quiz:

You can also try our more comprehensive custom quiz on the structures seen on the neck CT if you feel like challenging yourself:

Well done!

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