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Urinary and female reproductive systems (CT)

Learning objectives

Going through this study unit will help you learn:

  1. The normal anatomical appearance of the urinary and female reproductive organs on CT scans
  2. The anatomical relationship between these organs

Explore CT scan

The CT is a powerful imaging method that enables the clinicians to examine the urinary and reproductive organs in a non-invasive way. When it comes to the urinary and female reproductive organs, the CT is used to assess the:

  • Urinary tract: kidneys, ureters and bladder
  • Reproductive organs (female): uterus, ovaries, Fallopian tubes, vagina and their supporting structures

Being able to recognize the pathologies such as kidney stones, infections and other structural issues, it is necessary to first know how these organs appear in a healthy person, i.e. their normal CT anatomy.

Browse through these 6 CT slices and try to assess the anatomy of the urinary and female reproductive systems.

You can study each structure individually with the following gallery:

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