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Recommended video: Medial wall of the nasal cavity [08:20]
Bones, cartilages and mucosa of the medial wall of the nasal cavity.

The choanae are oval-shaped openings that lie between the nasal cavity and the nasopharynx. The choanae are rigid openings that are completely surrounded by bone. They serve as an outflow from the nasopharynx into the mouth and throat.

Inferiorly, the choanae are bound by the posterior edge of the horizontal plate of the palatine bone. On the lateral aspect, they are bordered by the posterior margin of the medial pterygoid process. Medially, they are seperated into two by the posterior border of the vomer bone.

The roof of the choana is formed by the ala of the vomer and the vaginal process of the medial plate of the pterygoid process. Posteriorly, the roof is formed by the body of the sphenoid bone.

Term  English term: Choana, Posterior nasal aperture
Latin term: choana (singular), choanae (plural)
Location Between nasal cavity and nasopharynx 

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