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Anatomy, histology and definition of cartilage.

Chondrocytes produce collagen and the extracellular matrix. They are found in the avascular tissue known as cartilage

The extracellular matrix that is produced by the chondrocytes is important in the maintenance of cartilaginous tissue. Chondrocytes produce the collagen that is found in the matrix as well as the glycosaminoglycans
and proteoglycans. 

There are three different types of cartilage: hyaline cartilage, elastic cartilage and fibrocartilage. Each of these differ in appearance and mechanical properties of their matrix. 

The cartilage arises from a process called chondrogenesis. Chondrogenesis is a process of cartilage development in which mesenchymal cells express collagen I, III and V. The initial site of cartilage formation is an aggregation of mesenchymal cells known as the chondrogenic nodule. Transcription factor then triggers the differentiation of these cells into chondroblasts. As the chondroblasts secrete matrix, they progressively move apart. Once they are completely surrounded by matrix, they are referred to as chondrocytes

Terminology English: Chondrocyte 
Latin: Chondrocytus
Location Extracellular matrix 
Function Produce collagen and the extracellular matrix that forms cartilage

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