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Frontal sinus

Recommended video: Midsagittal skull [28:03]
Structures seen on the midsagittal section of the skull.

The frontal sinuses are paired air-filled cavities in frontal bone of the skull and one of the four different paranasal sinuses, along with the maxillary sinus, sphenoidal sinus and ethmoidal air cells. They are the most superior of these sinuses and typically appear triangular-shaped. The frontal sinus, like the other paranasal sinuses, is lined by a respiratory mucus membrane which produces a film of mucous. Drainage of the sinus to the nasal cavity is via the frontonasal duct, opening into nasal cavity either at the anterior part of the middle meatus by the ethmoidal infundibulum or medial to the hiatus semilunaris.

The frontal sinus has several potential functions. The mucosal lining helps to warm and humidify inhaled air entering from the nasal cavity, whilst its presence as a hollow space in the frontal bone lightens the mass of the skull, allowing the muscles that move the head and neck to work more efficiently. Paranasal sinuses are also thought to enhance the resonance of speech

Terminology English: Frontal sinus
Latin: Sinus frontalis
Location Paired sinuses in the frontal bone, deep to the superciliary arches
Function Warm and humidify air, lighten skull, enhance speech resonance

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