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Hair bulb

Recommended video: Scalp and hair [28:45]
Histological features of the scalp and hair.

The hair follicle is divided into three segments: the infundibulum, the isthmus and the inferior portion. 

The hair bulb comprises the expanded portion of the inferior hair follicle and contains the dermal papilla and hair matrix. 

The dermal papilla consists of mesenchymal cells which function in the regulation of hair growth. This connective tissue structure also contains blood vessels and nerve endings which supply oxygen and nutrients to the root of the hair.

Above the dermal papilla is the hair matrix which consists of proliferating keratinocytes. These cells proliferate and gradually move upwards where they are keratinized to produce the hair shaft.

Due to the presence of the dermal papilla and hair matrix, the bulb of the hair is termed as the active site for hair growth. 

Terminology English: Hair bulb
Latin: Bulbus pili
Definition  Lowermost portion of the hair follicle, active site for hair growth

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