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How to use available anatomy resources

Anatomy is a very individual subject, considering the fact that by the time a student has completed the course, they will be able to recognize a very distinct studying pattern that was devised, copied or simply emerged in order to retain information. The specific Anatomy tools that are utilized in this process: books, online Atlases, flashcards etc., and how to use them, can seem daunting to the new student. Here the following questions are addressed using the advice of a newly qualified Doctor:

  • How do you know if the materials are of any use?
  • How do you use the materials you have at your disposal?
  1. How do you know if the materials are of any use?
  2. How do you use the materials you have at your disposal?
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How do you know if the materials are of any use?

Books for learning anatomy

The best way to test the materials that you are thinking of purchasing are by comparing them to your booklist, syllabus or by directly asking a teacher.

Usually if the the book is on the University booklist, it’s a given that it will be accepted, but if it isn’t you might want to ask your teacher's opinion. Be warned however that this might not go down well, so your best bet is to go through it with a comb next to the syllabus.

Most online shipping companies selling books allow you to look through a chapter and the contents, index etc. That should give you a good idea if that book really is for you. The same principle applies to free trials or free software upon signup to online learning facilities.

Check online programs and shipping companies

Don’t forget that even if a certain material looks good, if it doesn’t serve your way of studying, it’s not for you. You will learn this as you go along, so there might be some difficulties in the beginning and perhaps some bad purchases, but sure enough you will find your way. Patience, consistency and dedication are key!

How to use available anatomy resources: want to learn more about it?

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