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Learn the anatomy of the scapula with quizzes and labeled diagrams

Recommended video: Humerus and scapula [27:39]
Overview of the humerus and scapula.

The scapula (AKA: the shoulder blade) is a flat, triangular shaped bone connecting the upper limb with the trunk. Along with the clavicle and manubrium of the sternum, it makes up one of three parts of the pectoral (shoulder) girdle. 

In this article, we’ll be helping you to learn the anatomy of the scapula, including its landmarks and other features. Prepare yourself for our scapula diagram activities and scapula quizzes!

Download this unlabeled scapula worksheet below
  1. Scapula parts (landmarks and bone markings)
  2. Scapula diagram and labeling quiz
    1. Scapula labeled
    2. Scapula unlabeled
  3. Learn from every angle with interactive quizzes
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Scapula parts (landmarks and bone markings)

First, let’s take a basic overview. Anatomy of the scapula is often taught alongside the humerus, since they are the two primary bones of the shoulder joint. 

Next, it’s time to test your memory with a humerus and scapula labeling quiz.

Scapula diagram and labeling quiz

To help you solidify your understanding of all of the scapula parts, we’ll be using scapula diagrams as a launchpad for your revision. Seeing all the scapula landmarks on one image is a great way to get an overview of the anatomy of the scapula and remind yourself how everything works and relates to each other.

Scapula labeled

Labeled scapula overview image

Take a look at the labeled scapula diagram above. Spend a moment trying to recall the information you learned about each structure in the video.

Scapula unlabeled

Once you think you’ve got everything, you can try using our unlabeled diagram, which requires you to write in the name of each scapula feature yourself. Are you ready for the challenge? Click to download the free unlabeled worksheet below.


Learn from every angle with interactive quizzes

Hopefully you’re now feeling more confident on the names and locations of the structures of the scapula. The next step is testing yourself on the topic at regular intervals, to make sure the information is sent into your long term memory store. The best way to do this is with our interactive scapula bone quizzes. 

With six different types including basic and advanced identification, clinical question banks, intelligent mix (a combination of different exercise types) and customizable scapula quizzes, you can improve your knowledge of the anatomy of the scapula from every angle.

Ready to work on those holes in your knowledge? Take our quiz now!

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Learn the anatomy of the scapula with quizzes and labeled diagrams: want to learn more about it?

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