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Use these bones of the foot quizzes to master your identification skills

Recommended video: Bones of the foot [16:57]
Overview of the bones of the foot and their divisions into the hindfoot, midfoot and forefoot.

With a total of 26 bones in each foot, learning the bony anatomy of the foot is no piece of cake. That is, the memorization aspect. Luckily, the actual anatomy part is not too difficult. In the following article, we’re going to walk you through (haha, get it?) the meat and bones of this topic. 

Then, we’ll move on to the most important step - helping you to consolidate your knowledge with our bones of the foot quizzes and diagrams. 

By the end of your study session, you’ll be able to name and describe the anatomy of the foot bones with ease. Let’s jump in.

Unlabeled diagram showing the bones of the foot (Download free PDF below!)
  1. Revise foot bone anatomy
  2. Memorize fast and effectively with interactive quizzes
  3. Foot bones labeling diagrams 
    1. Foot bones labeled
    2. Foot bones unlabeled
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Revise foot bone anatomy

As you already know, there are 26 bones in the foot (FYI, that’s almost a quarter of all the bones in the body!). But how are these distributed? The answer is between three distinct groups:

And thank goodness! As you’ll discover, this grouping system makes learning the bones of the foot a lot simpler. 

As well as helping the foot to withstand the weight of the body and absorb shock during movement, the foot bones provide mechanical support for the surrounding soft tissues. 

Memorize fast and effectively with interactive quizzes

Now you’ve got the downlow on the foot bones, it’s time to test and hone your knowledge. The fastest and most effective way to do this is with our bones of the foot quizzes. 

These quizzes will test your identification skills with exercises including matching the correct image with the correct bone, spelling the name of the bone you see in the image, answering clinical questions relating to their normal and abnormal function in a clinical context, and get you thinking about their relation to surrounding structures.

If you’re the kind of person who prefers to learn while doing, these foot bone quizzes are an equally great option for you. As you go through the quiz, our intelligent algorithm automatically learns your weak spots, keeps a record of them and consequently gives you more questions on these topics until you’ve proven your knowledge.

Ready to take your first steps? Click to start the foot bone quiz below.

Foot bones labeling diagrams 

Hopefully you’ve now spent a fair amount of time learning and memorizing the names and locations of all of the different bones of the foot. Now, it’s time to take your identification skills to the next level with our foot bones diagrams. How? Take a look at the diagram of foot bones below. 

Foot bones labeled

In the diagram above, you can see all of the bones of the foot clearly labeled. By now you should be familiar enough with the names, shapes and locations of these bones that you can label them based on the diagram image alone. Are you up to the challenge? 

Foot bones unlabeled

Below you will find an unlabelled diagram PDF of the foot bones, ready for you to fill out. You can also download the labeled foot bones diagram to make notes or use as a base for your revision. 


Do you want to access more quizzes and diagram labeling exercises? Check out our full collection of free quiz guides on common exam topics. 

Use these bones of the foot quizzes to master your identification skills : want to learn more about it?

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