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Use these dental anatomy quizzes and tooth diagrams to ace your exam

Recommended video: Anatomy of the tooth [15:13]
Structure and surrounding structures of a tooth seen in cross section.

The tooth is a fascinating yet complex anatomical and histological structure. Think it’s just for dental students to learn? You’d be wrong! That said, dental anatomy students will truly need to know this structure inside and out. Indeed, dental anatomy extends beyond the teeth - it includes the entire oral cavity and its complex network of nerves and structures.

In this article, we’ll be giving you a solid overview of the different parts of the tooth as well as lots of tips and tricks you can use to test and solidify your knowledge, whatever your subject of study. Let’s get started!

Download this activity worksheet below to try labeling the structures of the tooth yourself
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Parts of the tooth

Fun fact: human teeth grow not just once, but twice during an adult’s lifespan! They are essential structures for the mechanical breakdown of food, as well as support of facial features. 

There are 32 adult teeth altogether, which are classified into four groups: incisors, canines, premolars and molars. Although they don’t all possess the exact same characteristics, they do all possess a crown, pulp chamber, neck of tooth, dental root and root canal

Now you’re clued up, it’s time to put what you’ve learned into practice. In other words: it’s time to study some tooth diagrams!

Dental anatomy worksheet activity

An excellent way to revise a new system, organ, region or group of structures is with diagrams labeled with all of the relevant anatomy. By viewing several structures together in one tooth image, you’ll be able to:

  • Put all of the information you’ve learned into context
  • Link the relations between adjoining structures

Enter: our labeled tooth diagrams.

Tooth diagram labeled

Spend a few minutes observing the labeled tooth image above. Have you remembered all of these structures from the video? If not, feel free to watch it again! No one expects you to remember everything immediately. Once you think you’ve got a good idea of each structure and where it is located, try labeling them yourself using our unlabeled fill in the blank tooth diagram. You can download the labeled and unlabeled versions below.


Speed up your learning with interactive quizzes

How did you get on? If you’re looking for some extra practice (which we would recommend!), check out our interactive dental anatomy quizzes. With tooth identification quizzes, tooth structure question banks and even custom quizzes, you can test your knowledge of dental anatomy from every angle. 

These quizzes follow a clever algorithm which learns your weak spots based on your wrong answers, and gives you more questions on those structures accordingly. The result? You’ll quickly overcome any areas of struggle, helping prepare you to go into your real exam with confidence! If you didn’t try the parts of the tooth labeling activity yet, don’t worry. With the interactive quizzes below, you can learn a topic completely from scratch as well as revising what you already know.

Ready to take a dental anatomy quiz? Let's go!

And here are two more study units with integrated quizzes on the teeth.

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Use these dental anatomy quizzes and tooth diagrams to ace your exam: want to learn more about it?

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