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Muscular system: want to learn more about it?

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Atlas - Muscular system


Epicranial aponeurosis
Occipitofrontalis muscle
Temporalis muscle
Procerus muscle
Orbicularis oculi muscle
Orbicularis oris muscle
Nasalis muscle
Levator labii superioris alaeque nasi muscle
Levator labii superioris
Zygomaticus major muscle
Zygomaticus minor muscle
Risorius muscle
Buccinator muscle
Masseter muscle
Depressor anguli oris muscle
Depressor labii inferioris muscle
Mentalis muscle
Omohyoid muscle
Sternohyoid muscle
Thyrohyoid muscle
Scalene muscles
Sternocleidomastoid muscle
Platysma muscle
Obliquus capitis superior muscle
Obliquus capitis inferior muscle
Rectus capitis posterior major muscle
Rectus capitis posterior minor muscle
Semispinalis capitis muscle
Splenius capitis muscle
Splenius cervicis muscle
Pectoralis major muscle
Rectus abdominis muscle
Rectus sheath
External abdominal oblique muscle
Internal abdominal oblique muscle
Intercostal muscles
Serratus anterior muscle
Pyramidalis muscle
Trapezius muscle
Levator scapulae muscle
Rhomboid major muscle
Rhomboid minor muscle
Serratus posterior superior muscle
Serratus posterior inferior muscle
Erector spinae muscle
Spinalis muscle
Longissimus muscle
Iliocostalis muscle
Latissimus dorsi muscle
Thoracolumbar fascia
Supraspinatus muscle
Infraspinatus muscle
Teres major muscle
Teres minor muscle
Deltoid muscle
Triceps brachii muscle
Biceps brachii muscle
Brachialis muscle
Anconeus muscle
Brachioradialis muscle
Extensor carpi radialis longus muscle
Extensor carpi radialis brevis muscle
Extensor digitorum muscle
Extensor digiti minimi muscle
Extensor carpi ulnaris muscle
Flexor pollicis longus muscle
Pronator quadratus muscle
Flexor digitorum superficialis muscle
Flexor carpi ulnaris muscle
Palmaris longus muscle
Flexor carpi radialis muscle
Pronator teres muscle
Abductor pollicis longus muscle
Extensor pollicis brevis muscle
Thenar eminence
Adductor pollicis muscle
Hypothenar eminence
Abductor digiti minimi muscle of hand
Palmar interossei muscles
Dorsal interossei muscles of hand
Gluteus maximus muscle
Gluteus medius muscle
Gluteus minimus muscle
Piriformis muscle
Superior gemellus muscle
Inferior gemellus muscle
Obturator internus muscle
Quadratus femoris muscle
Tensor fasciae latae muscle
Iliotibial tract
Biceps femoris muscle
Semimembranosus muscle
Semitendinosus muscle
Iliopsoas muscle
Obturator externus muscle
Pectineus muscle
Adductor longus muscle
Adductor brevis muscle
Adductor magnus muscle
Gracilis muscle
Sartorius muscle
Quadriceps femoris muscle
Rectus femoris muscle
Vastus lateralis muscle
Vastus intermedius muscle
Vastus medialis muscle
Popliteus muscle
Plantaris muscle
Triceps surae muscle
Gastrocnemius muscle
Soleus muscle
Fibularis longus muscle
Fibularis brevis muscle
Flexor digitorum longus muscle
Extensor digitorum longus muscle
Extensor hallucis longus muscle
Extensor hallucis brevis muscle
Tibialis anterior muscle
Extensor digitorum brevis muscle
Dorsal interossei muscles of foot

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