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Learning objectives

After completing this study unit you will be able to:

  1. Name the bones that form the calvaria.
  2. List the sutures found on the calvaria.
  3. Identify the landmarks seen on the calvaria.

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The calvaria, also called the skullcap, is the upper part of the neurocranium that covers the brain like a helmet. The bones that form the calvaria are the frontal, occipital and parietal bones. The adjacent bones of the calvaria are connected by fibrous junctions called sutures, each with a specific name.

  • Sagittal suture connects the two parietal bones
  • Coronal suture connects the frontal and the parietal bones
  • Lambdoid suture connects the parietal and the occipital bones

Watch this video to see where these sutures are located on the skull, as well as to learn more about the foramina, grooves and other features of the bones forming the calvaria.

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Key points about the calvaria
Bones Frontal bone, parietal bone (2), occipital bone
Sutures Sagittal suture: Parietal bones
Coronal suture
: Frontal bone and parietal bones
Lambdoid suture
: Parietal bones and occipital bone
Bony features Superior view: Cranial sutures, parietal foramina
Inferior view
: Frontal crest, groove for superior sagittal sinus, granular foveolae, arterial grooves, diploe

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