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Joints and ligaments of the foot: want to learn more about it?

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Joints and ligaments of the foot

Learning objectives

After completing this study unit you will be able to:

  1. Identify the main joints of the foot.
  2. List the main ligaments of the foot.

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Since the foot is such a complex structure with many bones and joints, it’s only natural that it has numerous ligaments that help to stabilize and enable optimal movement of the foot. The ligaments of the foot are categorized based on their associated joints, with each joint of the foot containing 2 or more ligaments. Conveniently, most ligaments are named after the joint they support e.g. dorsal, plantar and interosseous cuboideonavicular ligaments.

Watch this video for a comprehensive review of all the ligaments of the foot and their associated joints!

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Take a closer look at the joints and ligaments of the foot in the gallery below. 


Key points about the ligaments the foot
Talocalcaneal joint Medial, lateral, posterior, interosseous and anterior talocalcaneal ligaments
Talocalcaneo-navicular joint [Dorsal] talonavicular ligament, plantar calcaneonavicular ligament
Calcaneocuboid joint Calcaneocuboid, dorsal calcaneocuboid, plantar calcaneocuboid, long plantar ligaments
Cuboideonavicular joint Dorsal cuboideonavicular, plantar cuboideonavicular, interosseous cuboideonavicular ligaments
Cuneonavicular joint Dorsal cuneonavicular (3), plantar cuneonavicular (3), medial cuneonavicular ligaments
Cuneocuboid joints Dorsal cuneocuboid, plantar cuneocuboid, interosseous cuneocuboid ligaments
Intercuneiform joints Dorsal (2), interosseous (2) and plantar intercuneiform ligaments (1 or 2)
Tarsometatarsal joint Dorsal and plantar tarsometatarsal, cuneometatarsal interosseous ligaments
Intermetatarsal joints Dorsal, plantar, and interosseous metatarsal ligaments
Metatarso-phalangeal joints Plantar and collateral metatarsophalangeal, deep transverse metatarsal ligaments
Interphalangeal joints of foot Plantar and collateral interphalangeal ligaments

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