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Talus: want to learn more about it?

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Learning objectives

After completing this study unit you will be able to:

  1. Identify the main parts and bony landmarks of the talus.
  2. Name the articulations involving the talus.
  3. List the ligaments which attach to the talus.

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The talus is the most proximal bone of the foot that belongs to the group of bones collectively known as the tarsus. It articulates with four bones: the tibia, fibula, calcaneus and navicular bone. By articulating with the tibia and fibula superiorly, the talus forms the ankle/talocrural joint, and thereby establishes a link between the leg and the foot. Inferiorly, the talus articulates with the calcaneus forming the subtalar/talocalcaneal joint, while anteriorly it articulates with the navicular bone where it forms the talonavicular joint. In these articulations, the talus represents the cornerstone of the longitudinal arch formed by the tarsal and metatarsal bones, that transmits the entire weight of the body evenly to the heel and forefoot when standing.

To find out all the details about the parts, surfaces and landmarks of the talus, as well as the ligaments that support the joints formed by the talus, check out the video below!

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Take a closer look at the divisions and bony landmarks of the talus in the gallery below.


Key points about the talus
Parts Head, neck and body of talus
Bony landmarks and articular surfaces Head of talus: Navicular articular surface
Neck of talus
: Talar sulcus, tarsal sinus
Body of talus
: Trochlea of talus, posterior process of talus, medial tubercle, lateral tubercle, groove for tendon of flexor hallucis longus muscle of talus, medial malleolar surface, lateral malleolar surface
Articulations Ankle/talocrural joint: Talus, tibia, fibula
Subtalar joint
: Talus, calcaneus
Talonavicular joint
: Talus, navicular bone
Talar articular surfaces Ankle joint: Lateral malleolar surface of talus, medial malleolar surface of talus
Subtalar joint
: Anterior, middle and posterior facets for calcaneus
Talonavicuar joint
: Navicular articular surface
Ligamentous attachments Lateral collateral ligament (posterior talofibular ligament, anterior talofibular ligament), medial collateral (deltoid) ligament (anterior tibiotalar ligament, posterior tibiotalar ligament), medial talocalcaneal ligament

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