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Corona radiata

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The most important motor pathways of the CNS.

The corona radiata comprises a fan-shaped array of white matter tracts seen at the level of the lateral ventricles. Superiorly, these tracts are continuous with the semioval center (centrum semiovale) and inferiorly they merge into the internal capsule.

The cortical projections of the corona radiata originate from pyramidal neurons located in the lower third of the precentral gyrus of the frontal motor cortex. On each side of the cerebral hemispheres, the corona radiata is interconnected via the corpus callosum.

The corona radiata acts as a hub for efferents and afferents, as fibers from the corticobulbar, corticospinal and corticopontine tracts pass through it.

Terminology English: Corona radiata
: Corona radiata
Definition Corona radiata is a collection of white matter tracts connecting the motor cortex superiorly and the internal capsules inferiorly.

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