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Glans penis

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Structure of the penis and urethra seen on a longitudinal section.

The glans penis, also called the head the penis, is the conical-shaped, bulbous structure at distal end of the penis. More specifically, it is the distal expansion of the corpus spongiosum, which is the erectile tissue that forms the ventral part of the penile shaft. The glans penis caps the distal ends of the corpora cavernosa, which are the paired erectile masses that form the dorsal part of the penile shaft.

The glans penis contains the terminal portion of the spongy urethra, which expands to form the navicular fossa, that typically opens at the tip of the glans penis as the external urethral orifice (meatus). This orifice serves as the passage for urine during urination and semen during ejaculation.

The glans penis is separated from the body of the penis by a proximal narrowing called the neck of the glans penis. This distinct narrowing demarcates the transition from the shaft to the head of the penis. At the base of the glans penis, the tissue extends proximally beyond the neck to form a rounded, projecting border known as the corona of the glans.

In uncircumcised males, the glans is covered by the prepuce or foreskin, a retractable double layer of skin and fascia that extends from the penile shaft. The deep layer of the prepuce is connected to the ventral surface of the glans penis by a thin band of tissue known as the frenulum of the prepuce, which helps anchor the foreskin to the glans.

Similar to the body of penis, the glans is covered by skin, subcutaneous tissue, deep fascia of penis and contains nerves, blood and lymphatic vessels. The glans penis is richly innervated with numerous nerve endings making it highly sensitive and thus, plays an important role in sexual stimulation and pleasure.

Terminology English: Glans penis

Glans penis
Definition Bulbous distal end of the penis
Structure Distal expansion of the corpus spongiosum
Function Sexual stimulation and pleasure

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