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Hypogastric region

Recommended video: Regions of the abdomen [13:18]
Regions of the abdomen seen anteriorly.

The hypogastric region, also known as the pubic region, is a specific anatomical segment of the abdomen defined within the 'nine-region scheme', which is frequently employed by anatomists and clinicians for referencing the location of abdominal viscera or pinpointing patient symptoms. Based on this scheme, the hypogastric region is located below the umbilical region, and beneath the intertubercular plane (an imaginary horizontal line that runs across the abdomen, connecting the tubercles on the iliac crests of the pelvis). The boundaries of the hypogastric region extend laterally to include the area that is bordered by the inguinal regions and the midclavicular lines (vertical lines drawn downward from the midpoint of the clavicle on each side of the body).

Terminology English: Hypogastric region
Location Located centrally below the umbilical region and between the inguinal regions. 
Contents Small intestine, sigmoid colon, rectum, urinary bladder, right and left ureters.
Females: uterus, right and left ovaries, and uterine tubes. Males: ductus deferens, seminal vesicles and prostate. 

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