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Inferior colliculus

The inferior colliculus consists of a large nucleus of gray matter that lies beneath a corresponding surface elevation located at the posterior surface of the midbrain.

There are two inferior colliculi, one on each side of the midline. The inferior colliculi play an important role in the auditory pathway.

The inferior colliculi receive input from other brainstem nuclei involved in the auditory pathway and project, through the inferior brachium, to the medial geniculate nucleus of the thalamus, which in turn projects to the auditory cortex.

There are also two superior colliculi which are part of the visual pathway. The four colliculi are collectively known as quadrigeminal bodies. The entire region is known as the tectum or tectal plate.

Terminology English: Inferior colliculus
Latin: Colliculus inferior
Function Involved in sound location, orientating the body towards relevant stimuli, and discriminating pitch and rhythm

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