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Mediastinal lymph nodes

Recommended video: Lymphatics of the mediastinum [18:43]
Lymph nodes and vessels of the mediastinum and thoracic cavity.

The mediastinal lymph nodes are a large collection of lymph nodes located in the mediastinum of the thoracic cavity; the mediastinum refers to the region of the thoracic cavity located between the pleural sacs and contains all major thoracic organs, except for the lungs. The mediastinal lymph nodes can also be referred to as the visceral lymph nodes of the thoracic cavity. 

The mediastinal lymph nodes can be defined and subdivided according to several different classifications/conventions, however broadly speaking, the major lymph node groups in each mediastinal region are as follows:

  • Superior mediastinum: brachiocephalic/prevascular, paratracheal lymph nodes
  • Anterior mediastinum: prepericardiac lymph nodes
  • Middle mediastinum: superior and inferior tracheobronchial, bronchopulmonary lymph nodes (which drain intrapulmonary lymph nodes)
  • Posterior mediastinum: juxtaesophageal, interaorticoesophageal, juxtaaortic, juxtavertebral, superior diaphragmatic lymph nodes 

The mediastinal lymph nodes receive lymph drained from all thoracic organs, including the heart, lungs and esophagus. Clinically, mediastinal lymph node enlargement (lymphadenopathy) can be resultant of a wide spectrum of conditions and pathologies e.g., primary lung/esophageal cancer, metastatic maglignacies from other sites, pulmonary infection (pneumonia, tuberculosis etc.), occupational lung disease etc. 

Terminology English: Mediastinal lymph nodes
Latin: Nodi lymphoidei mediastinales (nodi lymphatici mediastinales, lymphonodi mediastinales)
Definition A large collection of lymph nodes found in the mediastinum of the thoracic cavity; they receive lymph drained from the thoracic organs including the lungs, heart and esophagus. 

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