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Renal pelvis

Recommended video: Internal structure of the kidney [06:47]
Renal cortex and related structures.

The renal pelvis is an expanded funnel shaped area through which urine travels. It is located within the medial, concave surface of the kidney, filling the renal sinus. The apex of the renal pelvis extends outwards from the kidney, and becomes continuous with the superior end of the ureter.

Urine is formed inside the kidney by nephrons. The liquid then travels to the urinary bladder through a series of tubes and funnel like structures. The flow follows this sequence: nephron collecting duct > renal papilla of renal pyramid > minor calices > major calices > renal pelvis > ureter > urinary bladder.

Terminology English: Renal pelvis
Latin: Pelvis renalis
Definition and function Funnel shaped structure through which urine travels from the kidney and into the ureter

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Renal pelvis: want to learn more about it?

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