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Supraorbital nerve

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Major nerves of the head and neck.

The supraorbital nerve is a sensory (afferent) nerve. It branches off from the frontal nerve midway through the orbit.  The frontal nerve is one of the three main branches of the ophthalmic division (CNV1) of the trigeminal nerve (CN V).  

The frontal nerve enters the orbit via the superior orbital fissure and passes anteriorly beneath the periosteum of the roof of the orbit. It then gives off a larger lateral branch, the supraorbital nerve. 

The supraorbital nerve runs along the surface of the levator palpebrae superioris muscle to the anterior portion of the orbit. It passes through the supraorbital foramen or supraorbital notch to then exit the orbit.

The supraorbital nerve bifurcates either just before or after passing through the supraorbital foramen and it gives off the medial and lateral branches of the supraorbital nerve.

The supraorbital nerve conveys sensation from the skin of the forehead, frontal sinus, and skin of the upper eyelid.

Terms English:Supraorbital nerve
Latin: Nervus supraorbitalis
Origin Frontal nerve
Branches Lateral branch of supraorbital nerve
Medial branch of supraorbital nerve
Innervation Skin of forehead
Frontal sinus
Skin of upper eyelid 

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