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Teniae coli

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Divisions, features, neurovasculature and lymphatic drainage of the large intestine.

The teniae coli are longitudinal ribbon-like bands of thickened smooth muscle located along the length of most of the large intestine. There are three distinct teniae coli: the omental tenia, to which the greater omentum and omental (epiploic) appendages attach; the mesocolic tenia, to which the transverse and sigmoid mesocolons attach; and the free (liberal) tenia, which has no attachments.

The teniae coli begin at the base of the appendix, run the length of the large intestine with a uniform width before broadening in the distal part of the sigmoid colon to merge with each other, forming a continuous longitudinal layer of muscle around the rectum. The rectum therefore does not exhibit teniae coli. The point at which the teniae coli terminate is known as the rectosigmoid junction

The contractions of the teniae coli shorten the walls of the large intestine (peristalsis), propelling the fecal matter within and forming the visible sacculations known as haustra

Terminology English: Teniae coli
Latin: Taeniae coli
Definition Longitudinal bands of smooth muscle of the large intestine
Bands Mesocolic tenia: transverse and sigmoid mesocolons attach
Omental tenia: greater omentum and omental appendages attach
Free (liberal) tenia: no attachments
Function Contractions shorten the wall of large intestine to form haustra, assisting with the movement of fecal mater

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