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Kenhub Scholarship Program

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Introduction to the Kenhub Scholarship Program.

Kenhub is proud to offer a bi-annual scholarship program to undergraduate and postgraduate students of healthcare disciplines. 

The scholarship program offers two types of support for students in need:

  1. Free access to Kenhub Premium.
  2. Direct financial support of $2,500 per year for the highest qualified applicants.

Kenhub is a digital learning platform providing extensive human anatomy, histology and medical imaging learning tools. 

We’re well aware of the challenges students face when it comes to studying anatomy, whether it’s the prospect of learning hundreds of new structures or the extortionate cost of a recommended reading list. It can seem like an impossible undertaking. But we believe that learning anatomy can also be straightforward and enjoyable.

That’s why we’ve made it our mission to simplify it with intuitive, engaging study tools: a complete color atlas of human anatomy, video tutorials that teach you a topic in less than 30 minutes, thousands of dynamic quiz questions and an extensive library of comprehensive articles. 

So far, we've helped more than 4,000,000 students to ace anatomy. Now, we’re offering students around the world a Kenhub scholarship, including financial support or unlimited access to our Premium study tools. Are you excited and motivated to excel in your studies? We want to hear from you! Find out what the scholarship includes and how you can apply below. 

What does the scholarship include?

We’re offering full time undergraduate or postgraduate healthcare students the opportunity to secure a scholarship with Kenhub. The successful applicants can receive:  

Financial support

US$2,500 per year will be split among successful applicants towards university related costs. $1,250 will be allocated in February and another $1,250 in September each year.

Academic assistance

Up to 1 year of free access to Kenhub Premium, including:

  • Access to hundreds of video tutorials covering all of the major anatomy topics taught in university curriculums
  • The chance to test yourself using six dynamic quiz types, containing thousands of questions on structures and clinical scenarios
  • A complete color atlas of human anatomy, as well as cross sectional, histological and radiological images 

How to apply

This scholarship is open to applicants from all countries, however, submissions must be in English. Only one submission may be entered per student.

To apply for a scholarship, we would like to understand the reasons you are looking for support. We hope to help those in financial or other difficulties, and especially students in developing countries with limited access to educational resources. We have a limited number of scholarships available that we hope to give to the most qualified applicants.

Applications are open in two different periods:

  1. February: applications open 1st February and close 14th February. Decision due by 1st March.
  2. September: applications open 1st September and close 14th September. Decision due by 1st October.

Please make sure you meet the following criteria before applying: 

  • You are currently studying a full time undergraduate or postgraduate degree in a health science subject, or have been accepted onto a course due to begin in next academic year
  • You are able to provide a proof of study 
  • You already have a registered account at (click here to register for free) 

Does this sound like you? If you’re eager to excel in your anatomy studies but have been lacking the resources to progress effectively, what are you waiting for? Start your Kenhub Scholarship application below.

Submit your application

Make sure you submit your application in time. Applications are only open during the specified times.


We are a small team, so we are not able to comment on or assist with specific application inquiries. Please refrain from contacting us about your application. Contacting us could hurt your chances of a scholarship rather than improve them. If you've made a mistake on your application, please submit another one with the correct information. We will only consider the latest submission from the same person in case of duplicates.

If you have not heard from us regarding the outcome of your application, please assume that your application was unsuccessful. Due to the expected number of applications, we are not able to respond directly to all unsuccessful applicants.

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