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Ace your exam with these teeth diagrams and tooth identification quizzes

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Overview of all the maxillary and mandibular teeth.

Did you know that human beings are diphyodont, meaning that they develop two generations of teeth? Now, do you know all of the different types of teeth and how they differ from one another anatomically? 

If you answered “no” to one or both of those questions, don’t panic. By the time you’ve finished reading this article, studying our teeth diagrams and labelling exercises and testing yourself with our tooth identification quizzes, you’ll be a pro in identifying teeth. 

Unlabeled diagram showing the types of teeth (download free PDF below!)
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  3. Tooth labeling worksheets
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Identifying teeth 101

The first thing to know is that most normal adult mouths contain 32 teeth. The upper teeth are often referred to as the maxillary teeth, and are found along the alveolar ridge of the maxilla. The lower teeth are located along the alveolar ridge of the mandible, and are often called the mandibular teeth.

There are four types of teeth found in each jaw (the maxilla and the mandible):

As mentioned, humans develop two generations of teeth. The first of the two contains around 20 teeth, and is known as the deciduous or primary dentition. This generation is generally complete by the age of 3. Around age 6, the deciduous teeth are replaced by a second generation called the permanent dentition. This time around we mostly end up with 32 teeth which are fully formed by the age of 18-21. 

Test your knowledge with intelligent quizzes

At Kenhub we offer several types of tooth identification quizzes to consolidate your knowledge from every angle. If you want to hone your identification skills, try our basic identification quiz, and work your way up to advanced identification once you’re feeling more confident. 

Got an exam coming up? Head for our clinical question banks, which will test your ability to connect anatomy with clinical scenarios. Or if you’d like a mix of questions, check out our Intelligent Mix quiz, which combines all of the above question types.

Save time revising for your exam

These quizzes can be used to test the knowledge you’ve already gained from watching our videos and reading our articles, or you can use them to learn the topic from scratch. You’ll automatically receive more questions on the topics you got wrong, so you can improve quickly and efficiently.

They’re the ideal way to prepare for an exam if you’re short on time. Get started by clicking the blue “Start” button below!

Tooth labeling worksheets

Another great way to consolidate your knowledge is with our teeth diagrams, showing the teeth labeled and unlabeled. Check out the version showing all the teeth labels below.

Teeth diagrams labeled and unlabeled

Now, similar to some of the exercises in our advanced tooth identification quizzes, it’s time for you to add all of the teeth labels onto a blank teeth diagram from memory. This will help you to identify any final gaps in your knowledge. 

Are you up to the challenge? Download our free PDF teeth worksheets below, and get started.  


If you enjoyed learning to identify teeth with these quizzes and labeled diagrams, check out our full library of free quiz guides on popular exam topics! We recommend starting with this one on the anatomy of the tooth.

Ace your exam with these teeth diagrams and tooth identification quizzes: want to learn more about it?

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