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Anatomy quiz questions: Your secret to success

Here at Kenhub, we offer several anatomy quiz question formats that can take your learning to the next level. If you’re wondering what type of quizzes we have on offer and how to use them in your quest to anatomy mastery, then read on, friend!

  1. Anatomy quiz questions at Kenhub
    1. Identification quizzes
    2. Question bank quizzes
    3. Muscle attachments, innervation and functions quizzes
    4. Intelligent mix
    5. Custom quizzes
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Anatomy quiz questions at Kenhub

Our anatomy quiz question formats range from basic human anatomy quizzes right up to expert level clinical questions. They are all based on the tried-and-tested method of spaced repetition, which allows you to revise previously covered information at periodic intervals in order to retain your knowledge even as you get introduced to new topics.

In this next section, we'll be taking you through each of these formats one by one. We'll explain how they work, how they can help you and at which point in your anatomy training they will benefit you most.

Bear in mind that free users can only check out quiz samples, rather than the full quizzes. To unleash the full power of anatomy quiz questions, be sure to subscribe to Premium!

Identification quizzes

Kenhub identification quiz

These anatomy quiz questions cover the memorization aspects of all structures. One of the first things you will do as an anatomy student is learn to identify all of the structures in the human body, and that is exactly what these identification quizzes will aid you in doing.

You'll be tested with a range of different exercises: 
  • Easy - Here we ask you to select the answers from two possible images, using one additional image as a hint.
  • 4:1 - You will see four images. Select the image which matches the name of the structure written on the screen.
  • Identify image - Here you are expected to pick one of the four possible text answers to identify the image.
  • Spell term - We show you the image, and ask you to spell out the name of the structure with no additional prompts. The hardest of all the exercises!

Our identification quizzes come in two levels: basic, and advanced. Basic identification questions simply require you to identify from a list of multiple choice answers the structure you see illustrated on the screen. Advanced identification questions will ask you to spell the structure with no prompts. Are you up to the challenge?

Question bank quizzes

Kenhub question bank quiz

Like our identification quizzes, our question bank quizzes also cover aspects such as origins, insertions and functions, but they go even deeper than the average basic human anatomy quiz by offering a more exam-like format.

Once you have learned about all of the structures in the body, you begin to learn about the information that relates to all of these structures. This is where question bank quizzes come in - to help you get to grips with topography, clinical correlations, clinical scenarios and functional anatomy. It's all in here!

The navigation is simple. The anatomy quiz question will be presented on the left hand side of the screen, with a list of the possible multiple choice answers to the right.

Be aware that on the question bank quizzes, you can, depending on the question, pick more than one answer. Simply click the answer(s) that you believe to be correct, and you'll see whether or not you got it right. Then you can move onto the next question. Easy!

Muscle attachments, innervation and functions quizzes

Kenhub muscle facts quiz
Use the blue lightbulb icon in the corner of the screen to get answer hints.

These are special anatomy quiz questions that focus on muscle origins, insertions, innervations and functions. If you want to sharpen your knowledge of all things muscle-related, these are the quizzes for you. 

TOP TIP: Use the blue lightbulb icon in the corner of the quiz screen to show answer hints.

Intelligent mix

Intelligent mix is just as it sounds - an intelligent mix of all of the above quiz types, based on your personal learning history. If you want to test your knowledge across a wide range of questions from muscle attachments to structure identification to clinical question banks, this is the quiz type for you!

Custom quizzes

Kenhub custom quiz

This format lets you mix and match topics and refine your selection to include only those anatomical structures you want to be quizzed on. This is the perfect tool for you if you want to tailor your learning to what you need to focus on most. To find the custom quizzes, scroll down your Kenhub dashboard. You will see a little blue box named "custom quizzes". Once you're in, you can begin customizing!

Learn how to use the Custom quiz and get started in no time!

What area of anatomy would you like to focus on? You can choose between gross anatomy, histology or medical imaging - or all three!

Next you'll need to decide what region(s) of the body you would like to learn about. Then it's time to decide the anatomical features of the region(s) that you would like to focus on. Arteries, veins, bones, muscles, organs, nerves, tissues... take your pick! Last but not least, choose your quiz difficulty. Hey presto - you're ready to finally ace the topic, your way.

Custom quizzes are available to Premium Kenhub users only, so if you haven't got your Premium account yet, what are you waiting for?

Go Premium and get access to ALL quizzes!

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