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Learn the parts of the lymphatic system with quizzes and labeled diagrams

Recommended video: Introduction to the lymphatic system [14:10]
Overview of the anatomy, function and main structures of the lymphatic system.

So you want to learn the anatomy of the lymphatic system? Here's the good news: when compared to its relatives, the circulatory and immune systems, it is not a particularly tricky topic. But make no mistake - it carries out some very important functions which mustn’t be neglected! We’ll be taking a look at these, as well as the individual parts of the lymphatic system, in the next section. 

We’ll also be showing you how to use our lymphatic system quizzes and worksheets to learn as fast and effectively as possible. Let’s get started.

Lymphatic system labeling worksheet (Download below!)
  1. Functions and parts of the lymphatic system
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  3. Lymphatic system diagram and labeling worksheets
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Functions and parts of the lymphatic system

The lymphatic system is a network of organs and tissues working together with the immune and circulatory systems to filter pathogens from the blood, and regulate fluid balance.

We can think of the lymphatic system in terms of two major divisions: organs, and vasculature. The vasculature, that is the lymph capillaries and vessels, runs parallel to the circulatory system vasculature and is tasked with collecting and circulating the lymph. Lymph, a clear and yellowish fluid, is created after the plasma is filtered and absorbed into the lymphatic capillaries.

Lymph nodes are small tissue swellings that are found throughout the whole body and are interconnected with the lymph vessels. They contain lymphocytes and other immune cells and they act as filters for the lymph, cleaning it from various foreign particles (microorganisms etc). Lymph ultimately finds its way towards the lymphatic trunks. Here, lymph is drained back into the venous system via the thoracic and right lymphatic ducts.

That’s a brief overview of the main parts of the lymphatic system. You’ll also need to know how the lymphatic anatomy of different organs. This is particularly important from a clinical aspect, given that the lymphatic system is a common pathway for metastasis. 

Once you’re finished watching, we’re going to continue consolidating your knowledge with our lymphatic system quizzes.

Deepen your knowledge with interactive quizzes

Our lymphatic system quiz selection is going to help you to consolidate your knowledge by efficiently identifying and filling in your weak spots. Powered by an intelligent algorithm, they’ll keep track of all of the questions you’ve answered incorrectly, and serve you more questions on those topics as you move through the quiz. It’s learning by doing at it’s finest.

Even better? Our lymphatic system questions test you on everything from basic to advanced identification, to clinical knowledge. Click the “Start” buttons below to try our lymphatic and immune system quizzes.

Lymphatic system diagram and labeling worksheets

The final step to consolidate your knowledge involves our lymphatic system diagram. Take a look at the lymph system diagram below. 

See all the parts of the lymphatic system clearly labeled? If you’ve already watched our video and taken our lymphatic system quizzes, all of these parts of the lymphatic system should now be familiar to you.

So, your task? Label them yourself! This lymphatic system labeling quiz is sure to expose the final holes in your knowledge. Below you will find two free PDF downloads - one of the lymphatic system labeled, and one lymphatic system worksheet which you will label yourself.


Now you’ve mastered the lymphatic system, it’s time to learn something new. If you enjoyed learning with our quizzes and labeling worksheets, check out our complete library of free quiz guides to tricky topics!    

Learn the parts of the lymphatic system with quizzes and labeled diagrams: want to learn more about it?

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