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Parts of the brain: Learn with diagrams and quizzes

Learn how to identify the main parts of the brain with labeling worksheets and quizzes.

Overwhelmed by the task of learning all the parts of the brain? You’re not alone. The brain structure is certainly a complicated one, with no shortage of anatomical terms to learn. Luckily, help is at hand. Keep reading to discover our top tips for tackling this tricky topic.

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    1. Labeled brain diagram
    2. Blank brain diagram (free download!)
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Diagrams are the perfect way to get orientated with a structure’s detailed anatomy. Read on to see how we recommend using them.

If you need some help with labeling the following diagrams, check out this video where we show you how to do it step-by-step:

Labeled brain diagram

First up, have a look at the labeled brain structures on the image below. Try to memorize the name and location of each structure, then proceed to test yourself with the blank brain diagram provided below.

Labeled diagram showing the main parts of the brain

Blank brain diagram (free download!)

Use the arrows and fill-in-the-blank spaces on this diagram to write the name of each brain structure. How many can you remember?

It's not always easy remembering the parts of the brain. Here's how you can quickly and effectively refresh your anatomy knowledge.

If you’re struggling, you might benefit from taking a few quizzes on the anatomy of the brain (see below). These will allow you to identify and work on your weak spots.

Download PDF Worksheet (blank) Download PDF Worksheet (labeled)

Unlabeled (blank) diagram to be used as a worksheet

Learn faster with quizzes

Learn all about brain structure with our interactive quizzes. Alternatively, use them to revise what you already know! From the basal ganglia to the structure of neurons, we’re confident that we’ve got a brain quiz for you.

Did you know? With our quizzes, you can...

  • Choose between english or latin terminology
  • View a structure from multiple angles before choosing your answer
  • Link your anatomy knowledge to clinical scenarios, preparing you for real-life situations
  • Get re-tested on questions you got wrong

What are you waiting for? Browse our brain quizzes below.

And many more neuroanatomy quizzes...

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Parts of the brain: Learn with diagrams and quizzes: want to learn more about it?

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