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Study the reproductive system with labeled diagrams and quizzes

Recommended video: Reproductive system [22:03]
Overview of the different organs of the male and female reproductive systems.

So, you want to learn the anatomy of the reproductive system? We have good news and bad news. The bad news is that, since the male and female reproductive systems differ quite substantially, you effectively have not just one, but two systems to learn.

From the uterus to the ovaries, the prostate to the epididymis, there’s a lot to cover. But here’s the good news: with the reproductive system quizzes and diagrams from Kenhub, learning this topic will be a breeze. Are you ready? Let’s learn about the human reproductive system! 

Download this unlabeled reproductive system worksheet below
  1. Male and female reproductive system: Parts and functions
    1. The male reproductive system
    2. The female reproductive system
  2. Improve your identification skills with diagrams
    1. Male reproductive system labeled 
    2. Female reproductive system labeled 
  3. Learn faster with quizzes
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Male and female reproductive system: Parts and functions

As mentioned, the male and female reproductive systems, and therefore their parts and functions, are very different. In this section, we’ll give you an overview.

The male reproductive system

Alongside the production and secretion of male sex hormones, the key functions of the male reproductive system include the production, maintenance and storage of sperm and semen and their discharge into the female reproductive tract.

The female reproductive system

Similarly, the female reproductive system is responsible for producing female sex hormones which maintain the reproductive cycle. The reproductive cycle is what makes the female reproductive system different - this cycle is geared toward the production of eggs necessary for reproduction. 

Improve your identification skills with diagrams

Now that you’ve learned about the anatomy of the reproductive system, it’s time to test how well you understood all of the different structures and functions. The most effective way to do this is with our reproductive system quizzes. 

First, though, you might like to begin by spending some more time getting familiar with their location on a labeled diagram. Memorizing location is helpful as it helps you to form a mental image in your mind, which in term can be used to aid your memory of the different functions and how they relate to one another. That’s where our labeled male and female reproductive system diagrams come in.

Male reproductive system labeled 

Let’s begin the revision process with a reproductive system labelling quiz: one for each system! We’ll begin with the male reproductive system. Spend some time analyzing the male reproductive system diagram above to solidify your knowledge of the structures you’ve learned about in the video.

Once you’re feeling confident about what goes where, it’s time to try your hand at labeling the structures yourself using a fill in the blank (unlabeled) diagram. You can download both the labeled and unlabeled diagrams below.


Female reproductive system labeled 

Now do exactly the same thing using the labeled female reproductive system diagram above as reference. Once you’re ready to test yourself, you can use the female reproductive system diagram (unlabeled) linked below. 


Learn faster with quizzes

Still need a bit more practice to really solidify your understanding? Our spaced repetition reproductive system quizzes are at your service. You can use four different quiz types including basic and advanced identification, question banks and intelligent mix (a mixture of all the quiz question types) to really master this topic from every angle.

The best part? These clever quizzes are powered by an algorithm which learns the areas you need more practice with and consequently gives you more questions on those topics. This is inspired by the scientifically proven concept of spaced repetition, which dictates that repeated testing on a topic over timed intervals aids you in memorizing it more effectively. The result? No mind-gone-blank situations in your exam!

Ready to see what all the fuss is about? Start with a quiz on the uterus and ovaries!

Consolidate your knowledge of the human reproductive system with a few more examples of our male and female reproductive system quizzes below.

Enjoying this learning approach? Check out our full guide to learning anatomy with diagrams and quizzes.

Study the reproductive system with labeled diagrams and quizzes: want to learn more about it?

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