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Pterygopalatine fossa

Pterygopalatine fossa

A detailed view of the borders and neurovasculature contents of the pterygopalatine fossa.

This quiz covers the following 70 structures.

Fossa pterygopalatina
Os sphenoidale
Os palatinum
Foramen sphenopalatinum
Foramen rotundum
Canalis pterygoideus
Canalis palatovaginalis
Fissura pterygomaxillaris
Fissura orbitalis inferior
Nervus trigeminus
Nervus ophthalmicus
Nervus maxillaris
Nervus mandibularis
Ganglion trigeminale
Ganglion pterygopalatinum
Radix sensoria ganglii pterygopalatini
Nervus canalis pterygoide
Nervus pharyngeus
Nervi palatini
Nervus palatinus major
Nervi palatini minores
Nervus alveolaris superior posterior
Rami orbitales Ganglion pterygopalatinum
Nervus nasopalatinus
Nervus infraorbitalis
Nervus zygomaticus
Ramus zygomaticofaciali Nervus zygomaticus
Ramus zygomaticotemporalis Nervus zygomaticus
Rami labiales superiores Nervus infraorbitalis
Nervus alveolaris superior anterior
Rami nasales nervi infraorbitalis
Arteria carotis externa
Arteria temporalis superficialis
Arteria maxillaris
First part of maxillary artery
Second part of maxillary artery
Third part of maxillary artery
Arteria auricularis profunda
Arteria tympanica anterior
Arteria meningea media
Arteria alveolaris inferior
Ramus accessorius arteriae meningeae mediae
Arteria masseterica
Rami pterygoidei arteriae maxillaris
Arteria buccalis
Ramus pharyngeus arteria maxillaris
Arteria infraorbitalis
Arteria palatina major
Arteria palatina minor
Arteria alveolaris superior posterior
Arteria canalis pterygoidei
Arteriae alveolares superiores anteriores
Arteriae alveolares superiores mediae
Sinus cavernosus
Vena retromandibularis
Venae maxillares
Plexus pterygoideus
Vena palatina externa
Vena profunda faciei
Vena masseterica
Venae meningeae mediae
Vena buccalis
Vena pterygoidei
Vena facialis
Vena alveolaris inferior
Vena palatina major
Vena ophthalmica inferior
Vena infraorbitalis
Vena angularis

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